Few things have the power to influence the human heart and even belief systems like the Arts do. What would you say made a more lasting impact on you growing up - your favorite movies and songs, or your economics class?  It’s time for the Christian artists to come out of the caves and take up their God-given calling. We have so much to offer the world when we explore the vast limits of God’s creativity in us.

At REGA we teach and develop methods that engage the body, mind and soul using techniques that are emotionally safe and freeing all at once. We draw from the raw materials already in us - who we are, our personal history, our bodies - and maximize the inherent creativity in each individual, while also taking them beyond what they thought was possible.  Through body awareness training coupled with the disciplines of acting and singing, we learn about the instruments we’ve been given, how to become aware of the physical nuances needed for our craft, and how to make choices that will communicate our desired message or make our point most effectively. Our approach helps to de-layer the fears and insecurities that tend to hinder each student from being the free vessel they long to be.  Once they feel safe to open up their hearts, trusting that the Lord is giving them the freedom to do so, our students discover new levels of their creative potential.

The Wedgwood Circle exists to nourish the good, the true and the beautiful in the 21st-century, focused on the crucial role of stories and storytellers, of novelists and playwrights and musicians and filmmakers, podcasters and more. From its beginning our mission has been to nourish the imaginations and vocations of artists of all kinds to ask and answer the perennial questions of the human heart— who are we? why are we? what will do with our lives?  

In our fifteen year history, songs and stories, films and plays have come forth from good work that have been seen and heard throughout the world.  

We are excited to serve as the Fiscal Sponsor for Rega Arts.

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